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Mourning dress in two pieces, black silk faille embroidered in black with decorative lacing

c. 1877

Abiti Antichi



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Tom Hiddleston as Sir Thomas Sharpe on the set of Crimson Peak, April 2014


What’s the low down the hypothetical Cullen romance of yore? I haven’t heard this anecdote.

ok like I said this was YEARS ago, like right after Origins came out and Cullen was inexplicably popular (he had like five minutes of screentime and some hellaciously creepy epilogue slides) and Gaider was expressing befuddlement at why this guy had somehow captured imaginations.

And I remember two things he said about how a Cullen romance would go down (I think both comments were on the BSN but I’m not exactly interested in digging up links, sorry) and in one he said something like it would be “Fast and hard to get Amell/Surana out of his system” and in the more elaborate scenario he speculated a tower where Cullen kept Amell/Surana isolated from everything and just brushed her hair a lot and was a bigtime creep.

So basically a whole lot of “Please don’t do that” and I don’t know if Gaider would really change his perception of the character enough to do anything significantly different if he actually did write the romance which is why I’m hoping that somebody with a different take on it took that spot. 

I would seriously not be at all shocked if Cullen returned as an angry, cynical, bitter anti-Chantry former Templar.  

I mean, sure he may still be faithful and pretty much the same as in DA2.  But it would not surprise me if The Kirkwall Clusterfuck just shattered whatever remained of his faith in the Chantry.  

Which could really change any romance dynamic, too, if he’s suddenly one of the pro-mage companions.  And could also remove quite a bit of the… well, power dynamic ickyness potential with a mage inquisitor.


This is the best dialogue choice in the history of video games.


This is the best dialogue choice in the history of video games.


"assassins creed couldn’t have a female protagonist because-" son u are playing a game about an assassin bartender who sits in a sofa machine and relives his ancestor’s memories to find magical artifacts left behind by a race that came before humans so just stop talking pls 


sometimes i forget i’m following people in really different timezones so i see posts and i’m like wHY ARE YOU GOING TO THE ZOO AT FOUR IN THE MORNING

I am so working overtime tonight…







anyway, your daily reminder that if it seems like someone is having a psychotic meltdown in public and they are not actually literally harming people, uh, please dont call the police

no really the police don’t give a shit about disabled people i cannot stress this enough

plus they don’t get any training for dealing with disabled people, so yeah, really, the cops are not the right people to call.

if you call anything it should be an ambulance

In most parts of the US it’s a general emergency line.  If you call 911, both will show up.

It sucks, but sometimes calling 911, even knowing the police will show, is still better than doing nothing depending on where you are.  I’ve done it before.  I know it’s not ideal, I know they’ll likely end up in jail instead of a medical facility- but it’s the only actual option there is, and I live in an area where spending a night outside could quite literally kill someone for a substantial chunk of the year. 

Sometimes the choice is call the police or let someone freeze to death. 

I’m sorry but no. Don’t make that choice for someone else. I know I would rather freeze to death than go to jail or a mental facility, and I’m sure others would. Do not take that agency away from someone who you have absolutely no knowledge of their circumstances. 

The last time this happened it was about four degrees below 0 out (negative 20 to the rest of the world), and a homeless man had been screaming in my parking lot for several hours.  I called when he started to go silent.  Since I didn’t want him to have to deal with the cops, but I could see him on the ground, and it was pretty clear he was losing consciousness.

Should I have let him die?

I’m not trying to be flippant.  I honestly want to know if you think I should have let him die.  Since that was the option.  Freeze to death, or 911. I’m a woman who lives alone, I don’t invite random men off the street into my apartment regardless of circumstances.  So… really, is ignoring someone and letting them die in a parking lot the kinder option?  Since to me that seems brutally heartless.